AAA (Asian Apiculture Association) mission are to promote the exchange of scientific and general information relating to honeybee sciences and apiculture in Asia, encouraging co-operation in the study of problems of common interest as well as researching on the biology and management of honey species found in Asia.

By exchanging knowledge and information, AAA is the connecting bridge to bee’s conservation. Indeed, the awareness enhancement in bees and beekeeping in world is the most efficient way to conserve the everlasting bee diversity.

AAA has been hosting the Conference on Bees and Beekeeping in Asian countries since1992. The conferences have provided forums for people who interested in beekeeping to share and exchange technology on various aspects of beekeeping. There are conferences added in the following:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand 1992
  2. Yogyakarta, Indonesia 1994
  3. Hanoi, Vietnam
  4. Kathmandu, Nepal 1998
  5. Chiangmai, Thailand 2000
  6. Bangalore, India 2002
  7. Los Banos, Philippines 2004
  8. Perth, Australia 2006
  9. Beijing, China 2008
  10. Busan, Korea 2010
  11. Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia 2012


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