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Themes of conference


  • Bee Biology 
    • Bee Diversity

    • Foraging Behavior of Bees

    • Bee Genetics and Ecology


  • Bee Health
    • Impact of Pesticides on Pollinators
    • Breeding for Disease/Mite Resistance
    • Bee Pests and Diseases and Their Control
    • Innovations for Monitoring Bee Colonies
    • Bee Nutrition


  • Bee Flora and Pollination
    • Conservation of Pollinators
    • Bee Pollination of Crops and Wild Plants
    • Utilization of Non-Apis species in Pollination
    • Palynology
    • Climate Changes Influence Bees


  • Bee Products and Quality
    • Quality Control and Food Safety
    • Detection of Residues in Hive Products
    • Detection and Prevention of Honey Fraud
    • Characterization of Bee Products


  • Beekeeping Development
    • Diversifying Incomes Sources for Beekeepers
    • International Honey Market Trends
    • Marketing, Branding, Value Chains
    • Prospects of Beekeeping (Meliculture and Apiculture)
    • Community-Based Bee Resource Management
    • Beekeeping as Source of Livelihood in Rural Communities
    • Beekeeping for Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood Security
    • Technical Innovations in Beekeeping


  •  Apitherapy
    • Advances in The Use of Products in Medical and Veterinary sciences
    • Innovations in Apitherapy
    • Bee venom 
    • Propolis

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